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Dictionary of Bible Origins and Interpretation

A revised edition of the earlier Dictionary of the English Bible and its Origins (2000), now out-of-print, with much new material on the different methods of interpretation, especially those over the last half-century, reflecting some of the latest advances in biblical scholarship. Intended especially for students of religion and related subjects, religious educators in schools, colleges and churches, and indeed all serious readers of the Bible.

Preaching as Theatre

After watching Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman one man said he felt as if he had been watching his own story; it was the story of him and his father, so he asked Miller, 'Don't you think that strange?' 'Not at all,' replied Miller. He had heard it from men all over the world. It was a natural response to a work of genius. We have seen our story and we did not know it until we heard it. So how can the preacher tell the story in such a way that the same thing happens? That is the question this book addresses.

Agenda for Development

Development Education has always come second to hunger and poverty, and the Resources for Development Education a poor third. After twenty years of travel to over fifty countries in six continents in the interests of Christian literature, almost all as Director of Feed the Minds, a limited research project left me with two convictions. One, the supply of literary resources for Third World Christian education and theological libraries is too important to be left to western mission agencies, churches and commercial houses. Two, neither can it be left to a handful of local church leaders, academics and publishers, some having neither the desire or the ability and all with too many other demands and commitments already.

A Dictionary of the English Bible and its Origins

An alphabetical list of persons and places associated with  Bible origins together with 'student notes' on texts, versions, manuscripts and terminology, including the Hebrew Bible, Septuagint, New Testament and recent Bible translations into English. Factual rather than evaluative, a useful reference tool reflecting contemporary biblical scholarship. For a revised edition with additional material on interpretation and contemporary hermeneutics see Dictionary of Bible Origins and Interpretation.

Aid Matters

Resources for worship with stories, thoughts, readings, prayers and reflections relating mainly to Aid and Development and with special reference to literature, literacy, education, books and publishing. Human cries,  questions, prayers and comments from those on the receiving end, with scripture harnessed to informed development theory, to enrich worship, stimulate thought, feed the imagination, strengthen conviction, challenge assumptions and offer new insight leading to positive action though not necessarily of the kind usually expected.

Directory of Colleges

This 1997 publication with information on over a thousand theological colleges, seminaries, Bible Schools and university departments of theology in six continents, can now be found in a modernised, updated and an interactive format on the WCC website as Global Directory of Theological Education.

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