Bible Studies

Minor Prophets with a Major Message

Bible Studies written for Bible Reading Fellowship Guidelines (1997-2009) in the original format with a minimum of revision and the addition of some prayers. Designed for private daily devotion or Group Study to combine contemporary scholarship with a  devotional approach to scripture to provide a variety of viewpoints for further exploration.

Life in the Wilderness

More Guidelines examining Wilderness in terms of personal experiences, the land, wild places and the environment, and the importance of God’s creation and our response in understanding the world we live in as a means of enriching our lives today.

Genesis 12-34  

More Guidelines, exploring the world of the Patriarchs as human beings with human problems not unlike our own, related very much after the fashion of Soap Opera, with a view to identifying with them, reflecting on what they did, why they did it and what it says to us about our life and our understanding of God in the light of their experience. 

Exodus 25-34  

More Guidelines, exploring the Creation of Community. Exodus is one book with two major sources, one going back to the wilderness years the other originating in the 5th-6th century BCE when the Jews were returning from Babylon and seeking to establish a new community, inextricably linked with the old but appropriate for the new. Here they are putting down markers: Focal Points of Faith. In a similar situation what might be our Focal Points of Faith?

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