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Reviewing Books for the Baptist Times began in 1956 and continued with the transition from the printed version to the online version in 2011. For Reviews from 2013 search on Gilmore at

Most had a short life but are listed here for the benefit of researchers. Some of the more significant titles, marked with an asterisk, are included in one of our Classified Bibliographies. Underlined authors offer a link to an abridged version on


House, E M, The Lively Oracles, 1956. (Nov 8). 

Cocks, H F Lovell, The Hope of Immortality, 1956. Dec 20).

Lampe, G E H, Reconciliation in Christ, 1956. (Nov 8).


Hosie, Lady, Jesus and Woman, 1956. (Jan 10)

Wickings, H F, The Covenant People of God, 1957. (April 18). 

*Bruce, F F, Second Thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1957.(June 13).

Ellison, H L, Ezekiel, The Man and His Message, 1957. (July 11).

*Bruce, F F, The Teacher of Righteousness in the Qumran Texts, Tyndale Lecture. 1957. (Aug 1).

Hughes, Scripture and Myth, Tyndale Lecture. 1957 (Mar 13). 

Stible, P E, God Became Man, Tyndale Lecture. 1957. (Aug 1). 

*Parrot A M,, Golgotha and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 1957. (Sep 26). 

*Parrot, A M, The Temple of Jerusalem, 1957. (Sep 26). 


Vawter, Bruce, A Path Through Genesis, 1957. (Jan 9).

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*Parrot, A M, Babylon and the Old Testament, 1958. (July 17).

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Foulkes, Francis, The Acts of God, 1959. (April 16).

Schonfield, Hugh J, The Bible was Right, 1959. (Mar 12).

Tizard, Leslie J, Facing Life and Death, 1959. (June 4)

*Allegro, John MarcoThe People of the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1959. (June 4). 


*Every, George, The Baptismal Sacrifice, 1959. (Jan 7)

West CC & D M Paton, The Missionary Church in East and West, 1959. (May 19).

*Russell, D S, Between the Testaments, 1960. (June 2).

*Bright, John, A History of Israel, 1960. (July 28).

*Grant, Frederick C, Basic Christian Beliefs, 1960. (Dec 1).


Grant, Frederick C, Ancient Judaism and the New Testament, 1960. (Oct 5).

Sparrow, Judge Gerald, Modern Judaism, 1961. (May 25).

Barclay, William, The Making of the Bible, 1961. (June 8).

Knight, George, People of Israel (1) Isaiah, 1961. (June 8) 

Paterson, John, The Wisdom of Israel, 1961. (June 8).  

Mitton, C L, The Good News, 1961. (June 8).


Williamson, G A, The World of Josephus, 1964. (Aug 12).


Ogden, Schubert, The Reality of God, 1967. (Mar 23).

Dewart, Leslie, The Future of Belief, 1967. (Sep 29).


Robinson, J A T, Exploration into God, 1967. (Jan 11).


Harrison, R K, Old Testament Times, 1972. (Mar 16).

Haughton, Rosemary, The Knife Edge of Experience, 1971. (Aug 3).

Walker, John Baptist, Christianity an End to Magic, 1972. (Dec 21). 


van Daalen, D H, The Real Resurrection, 1972. (Mar 22).

*Clark, Neville & R C D Jasper (eds), Initiation and Eucharist and An Order for Holy Communion, 1973. (May 3).

*Hulse, Erroll, Baptism and Church Membership, 1973. (May 3).

*Thornton, Martin, Prayer. A New Encounter, 1973. (June 28). 

*Earnshaw, Leslie, Worship for the Seventies, 1973. (June 7). 

Prescott, D M (ed), More Readings for the Senior Assembly, 1973. (June 7).

Hollings, Michael & Etta Gullick, The Shade of His Hand, 1973. (Aug 9).

Wright, R S, Asking Them Questions, 1973. (May 31).

Slack, Kenneth, Praying the Lord's Prayer, 1973. (July 26).

Brimer, James W & Sylvia Brimer, A Morning Assembly Book, 1973. (July 26).

Reynolds, E E, The Roman Catholic World in England and Wales, 1973. (Nov 1).

Duncan, Anthony D, The Priesthood of Man, 1973. (Nov 22).

Stacey, John (ed), Ministry and Ordination, 1973. (Dec 20).


Lord, Eric & Charles Bailey, A Reader in Religious and Moral Education, 1973. ((April 25).

Stacey, John(ed), About Worship, 1973. (Jan 31).

Williams, Howard, My Word, 1973. (Jan 17).

Cyrilla, Sister, Two Minutes at a Time, 1974. (July 25). 


Hegel, Martin, Victory Over Violence, 1075. (June 26).

*Johnston, David (ed), Uppsala to Nairobi, 1975. (Oct 30). 


Barker, C Edward, The Church's Neurosis and the Twentieth Century Revolutions, 1975. (Feb 5).


Brooks, R T, Communicating Conviction, 1983. (Dec 23).


Tutu, Desmond, Hope and Suffering, 1984. (Oct 4).

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