Baptists and Liturgy

Books, articles and periodicals relating to Baptist contributions on
 church unity, worship, ministry and sacraments compiled by 
Alec Gilmore, Nathan Nettleton and Judy Powles.

The Story of 
Baptists and Liturgy may be distilled from
their 'official' or semi-official liturgical publications

A Minister's Manual, arranged by M E Aubrey, revised and enlarged c 1945 and published by the Kingsgate Press. To my knowledge this was the first Baptist Service book of its kind.

Patterson, David Tait, The Call to Worship, Carey Kingsgate, London, 1947.

Winward, S F, Responsive Praises and Prayers for Ministers and Congregations, Hodder and Stoughton, 1958. A personal and independent publication which was picked up and widely used in Baptist churches.

Payne, E A and Winward, S F, Orders and Prayers for Church Worship. A Manual for Ministers, Carey Kingsgate Press, 1960. A similarly independent publication, largely the work of Winward but now carrying the 'imprimatur' of the General Secretary of the Baptist Union, and this, together with Responsive Praises and Prayers for Ministers and Congregations, was largely responsible for the new approach to congregational participation in worship as reflected in The Baptist Hymnbook, 1962, and Baptist Praise and Worship, 1991.

Winward, S F, Responsive Service Book, Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1965.

Gilmore, Alec (ed), Praise God, Baptist Union, 1980. A 'semi-official' production arising from the need to up-date Payne and Winward.

Patterns and Prayers for Christian Worship. A Guidebook for Worship Leaders, a similarly initiated Baptist Union publication but this time published by OUP, 1991.

Ellis, Christopher J and Blyth, Myra (eds), Gathering for Worship: Patterns and Prayers for the Community of Disciples, Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2005.

Into this outline may then be fitted other books, papers, reports and publications, some personal and some official, on the broad topics of Church Unity, Ministry, Worship and Sacraments.

 Church Unity

Beasley-Murray, Paul, Radical Believers: the Baptist Way of Being the Church, Baptist Union, Didcot, 1992.

Bochenski, Michael (ed), Evangelicals and Ecumenism: When Baptists Disagree, Baptist Union, Didcot, 1993.

Brackney, William H (ed), Baptist Life and Thought, 1600-1980: a Source Book, Judson Press, Valley Forge, 1983.

Fiddes, Paul S, A Leading Question: the Structure and Authority of Leadership in the Local Church, Baptist Publications, Didcot, c1985.

Haymes, Brian, A Question of Identity: Reflections on Baptist Principles and Practice, Yorkshire Baptist Association, Leeds, 1986.

Jones, Keith GThe European Baptist Federation. A Case Study in European Baptist Interdependency 1950-2006, Studies in Baptist History and Thought, vol 43, Paternoster, Milton Keynes, 2009

Martin, Hugh, The Free Churches and Episcopacy, Free Church Chronicle, London, June 1952.

Payne, Ernest A, The Free Churches and Episcopacy, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1952.

Church Relations in England, the Report of a Special Committee of the Council of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1953.

'The Baptist Reply to the Lambeth Appeal' (adopted by the BU Assembly 1926), 'The Baptist Doctrine of the Church, 1948' and the 'Report on Church Relations in England' (approved by the Council 1953), are all re-printed in E A Payne, The Baptist Union: a Short History, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1959.

Gilmore, Alec (ed), The Pattern of the Church, with contributions by Neville Clark, Morris West and Stephen Winward, Lutterworth Press, London, 1963.


The Doctrine of the Ministry, Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, 1961. Articles by L G Champion, J O Barrett and WMS West.

Dakin, A, The Baptist View of the Church and Ministry, Baptist Union, London, 1944.

Gilmore, Alec (ed), Ministry in Question, with contributions by Neville Clark, Caryl Micklem and Ernest Marvin, Darton, Longman and Todd, London, 1971.


Clark, Neville, Call to Worship, Studies in Ministry and Worship, SCM, London, 1960.

Ellis, Christopher J, Gathering: a Theology and Spirituality of Worship in Free Church Tradition, SCM, London, 2004.

Gaddy, C.Welton and Nixon, Don W, Worship, A Symphony for the Senses, vol.1 Smyth & Helwys, Macon, 1995.

Gilmore, Alec, Tomorrow's Pulpit, Lutterworth Press, London, and Judson Press, Valley Forge, 1975.

Gilmore, Alec, Preaching as Theatre, SCM, London, 1996.

Hustad, Donald P, True Worship: Reclaiming the Wonder & Majesty, Harold Shaw Publishers, Wheaton, & Hope Publishing, Carol Stream, 1998.

Price, Milburn & Furr, Gary, The Dialogue of Worship: Creating Space for Revelation and Response, Smyth & Helwys, Macon, 1998.

Roberts, Howard W, Pastoral Care Through Worship, Smyth & Helwys, Macon, 1995.

Sheppy, Paul, 'Walking the Word: A Response to Gordon Lathrop', in Best, Thomas & Heller, Dagmar, Becoming a Christian: The Ecumenical Implications of our Common Baptism, WCC Faith & Order Paper, World Council of Churches, Geneva, 1999.

Taylor, Michael, Variations on a Theme, Galliard, London, 1973.

Winward, S F, The Reformation of Our Worship, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1964.

Yorkshire Baptist Association, Christian Worship: Some Contemporary Issues, Yorkshire Baptist Association, Leeds, 1984.


Clark, Neville, An Approach to the Theology of the Sacraments, Studies in Biblical Theology No 17, SCM, London, 1956.

Clark, Neville and Jasper, Ronald C D (eds), Initiation and Eucharist. Essays on their Structure, by the Joint Liturgical Group, SPCK, London, 1972.

Colwell, John E, Promise and Presence: an Exploration of Sacramental Theology, Paternoster Press, Carlisle, 2005.


(i) Books

Beasley-Murray, G R, Baptism in the New Testament, Macmillan, London, 1962.

Bryan, F C (ed), Concerning Believers' Baptism, Kingsgate Press, London, 1943.

Child, R L, The Blessing of Infants and the Dedication of Parents, Kingsgate Press, London, 1946.

Child, R L, A Conversation about Baptism, Living Church Books, SCM, London, 1963.

Cross, Anthony R and Thompson, Philip E, Baptist Sacramentalism, Paternoster Press, Carlisle,2003.

Fiddes, Paul S (ed), Reflections on the Water: Understanding God and the World through the Baptism of Believers, Regent's Park College, Oxford, 1997.

Fowler, Stanley K, More than a Symbol: the British Baptist Recovery of Baptismal Sacramentalism, Paternoster Press, Carlisle, 2002.

Gilmore, Alec (ed), Christian Baptism, Lutterworth Press, London, 1959 and Judson Press, Valley Forge,1959.

Gilmore, Alec, Baptism and Christian Unity, Lutterworth Press, London, 1966 and Judson Press, Valley Forge, 1966.

Jones, Keith G, The European Baptist Federation. A Case Study in European Baptist Interdependency 1950-2006, Studies in Baptist History and Thought, vol 43, Paternoster, Milton Keynes, 2009.

Porter, Stanley E. and Cross, Anthony R (eds), Baptism, the New Testament and the Church: Historical and Contemporary Studies in Honour of R.E.O. White, Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield, 1999.

Schneider, Johannes, Die Taufe im Neuen Testament, Kohlhammer, 1951, with an English Translation by E A Payne, Baptism and Church in the New Testament, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1957.

(ii) Papers, Reports and Discussion Documents

Infant Baptism Today, Five articles by Percy Evans, Henry Townsend and William Robinson, following discussions between themselves (representing the Baptist Union) and the Churches of Christ, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1948.

A Consultation on Baptism. Louisville 1979, re-printed from The Baptist Quarterly, vol xxviii, no 5, January 1980 and vol xxviii, no 6, April 1980, London.

'Consultation on Baptism, Faith and Order Paper 97', in Review and Expositor, vol LXXVII, No 1, 1980, Louisville.

Believing and Being Baptized. Baptism, so-called re-baptism and children in the church. A discussion document by the Doctrine and Worship Committee of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, London, 1996.

The Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper. A Baptist Statement, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1951.

Winward, S F, Thanksgiving at the Lord's Supper, Kingsgate Pamphlet No 5, Carey Kingsgate Press, London, 1964.

A Baptist View, a series of small booklets initiated by the Baptist Union, edited by Alec Gilmore and published by Baptist Publications, London.

Nicholson, John F V, The Ministry, 1976.

Matthews, John F, Baptism, 1976.

Martin, Gordon W, The Church, 1976.

White, B R, Authority, 1976.

Tennant, David F, Children in the Church, 1978.

Briggs, John H Y, Freedom, 1978.

Fiddes, Paul S, Charismatic Renewal, 1981.

In addition to these Baptist productions there are many reflections of Baptists trends, some personal and some official, in publications of the Joint Liturgical Group and as reports and papers from the British Council of Churches (now Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) and the WCC, particularly their Faith and Order Papers.

Relevant articles are also to be found in Baptist publications such as the Baptist Quarterly, the Baptist Ministers' Fellowship Journal (or Magazine) and the Baptist Times.

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