Librarians, teachers and research students in
 theological colleges create and need specialist bibliographies.

Those with limited access to resources, especially in some developing countries, often have difficulty discovering what is available, particularly when it comes to books and articles published some years ago. The excellent bibliographies provided in the 1960s and early 70s by the Theological Education Fund are either no longer available or need updating. The task is collosal and in most cases the cost prohibitive.

With the exception of Baptists and Liturgy, listed titles are those which I have reviewed or found helpful in my own work and have proved useful in all the books and articles listed on this website. They make no claims to be comprehensive or balanced, but may prove helpful as starters for beginners, less daunting than more compressive lists, and possibly covering ground not readily available in small compass elsewhere.

Baptists and Liturgy

Baptist contributions on church unity, worship, ministry and sacraments, compiled by Alec Gilmore, Nathan Nettleton and Judy Powles, mainly for the benefit of researchers.

Text and Canon

Books relating to  Bible Origins and Interpretation, including Hebrew Bible, Greek Testament, Old and New Testaments, the English Bible and Aids to Translation, English language versions ancient and modern.

English Bible and Aids to Translation

A diverse collection of  personal book reviews which have appeared in
 a variety of journals over the last decade, including some on the Amazon pages.

Biblical Interpretation

A Collection of titles for students coming to Biblical Hermeneutics 
for the first time with a view to preparing sermons or Bible studies.

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