Baptist minister with 22 years experience in pastoral work followed by ten years editorial experience with Lutterworth Press and a similar period as Director of Feed the Minds, an ecumenical charity committed to the literature needs of the developing world and Eastern Europe. Retirement years spent mainly writing and lecturing in Biblical Studies, especially the Old Testament.

Author of several books, including the fruits of research and the provision of resources for further study at various levels, and a regular contributor to a wide variety of papers, periodicals and journalists over fifty years. Currently a regular contributor of reviews to the Society for Old Testament Study Book List, reviews and articles in the Baptist Times and Daily Bible Readings for the Bible Reading Fellowship and the International Bible Reading Association. Occasional contributor to the Guardian.

Specialist interest in adult and clergy refresher courses in theological education and biblical studies, with literature especially as a two-way method of interpretation.

Researched into the literature needs of churches in the developing countries (from literacy primers to serious theological education) with special reference to the demand for indigenously produced material and support for local writers, publishers and distributors, alongside the supply of specialist textbooks, mostly in English, for theological libraries.

Denominational and ecumenical commitment, editor of Together (the Newsletter of Churches Together in Sussex), Senior Research Fellow at the International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague, and Founder Member and one-time Chairman of the Worthing Theological Society.

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